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The answers by Skylark is part of the album "Dragon's Secrets" .

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Lyrics of The answers

viola solo

Since the rainbow has gone behind me
I'm lost in my fantasy
I can't go away, I can't wake up there
I can't clear this agony

As I think about past time
I can't stop my cries anymore
it's so hard this truth from my mind
I cannot believe in love

So the answers are too far to come to me
so this fire is too strong to disappear

instrumental chorus / viola solo

Where are you? is my sad question
I tell myself more and more
with no strenght, with no intention
but I have to believe in me

'Cos my pride's next to fall down on my knees
but my life needs something to believe in

instrumental chorus / viola solo / twin guitar solo

Future is a dark room closed
without windows, without lights
soul is lost heart is stolen,
but I'm really fighting

'Cos I've lost the answers,
Fight alone,(the answers),
You're alone,(the answers),
Of the world,
The answers will not come!
Will not come!!


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