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Lyrics of Swords

Vengeance is bliss, don't be naïve
Just like we deformed the Japanese
Those we had trained to have others killed
Have turned against us by our own will
My stare is blank
Yet my thoughts are out of control
It's all gone wrong, it's all fucked up
Still one last war just to top it off

Conspiracies surround us
Your gut instinct tells you to run
The curtain's slowly closing
The final act is almost done

Can anyone keep hope alive
Answer me
Does anyone even give a shit
We live by the sword
We try to swallow it
Can anyone find a reason why
Fucking answer me
Does anyone give a fucking shit
We live by the sword and we shall choke on it

The towers gone, the first of the fall
But here comes the man that claims to save us all
The crowd absorbs his power
Generations pass yet evil never can fall
I have my reasons to believe
Liberty and justice will be deceived
A peaceful change is still just a dream
The new world order brewing behind the scenes
Look into their fucking eyes
Read their fucking lips
If it's too good to be true then it probably is
Bin Laden's running free
Saddam Hussein is dead
And the terrorists are praying as their chopping off our heads

Iraq is just a scapegoat
So who is the real enemy
Watch your back

They know when you are sleeping
They know when you're awake
They know if you've been good or bad
So be good cause you're life's at stake

We live by the sword and we shall die by it

From New York City
To New Orleans
To California
To all those in between
Don't look outside your window
Just lock all the doors
The troops are marching in
With our bloodstained swords


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