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Out of reach by Agnostic front is part of the album "Dead Yuppies" and comes under the genre Alternative Rock,General. It was released on 29 Jan 2008 under the label of Epitaph. Copyright holded by 2001 Epitaph.

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Lyrics of Out of reach

Never so many times I've heard before
Discouragement go to work and feel so bored
There's something in my head.Something in my heart
Too many people never fight for what they want
Breakin my back for a better way-its out of reach
Something inside says it's a long way coming-so out of reach

Listen so many times I've heard their cries
All the disappointment and all the lies
There's something about it something they want
Too many people unsatisfied with what they got

If we stand together for what is right
We'll show them just how to fight
Break the laws that tread on me.On me!

Freedom so many times I've heard that shit
All the propaganda.I can't deal with it
There's something for me.Something for you
Too many excuses to much shit to shovel.


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