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Into The Night by Beardfish comes under the genre Classic Rock,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 26 Jan 2010 under the label of INSIDE OUT MUSIC. Copyright holded by 2008 InsideOut Music.

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Lyrics of Into The Night

When did they come and where did they go
My thoughts, pure and white like snow
Here come the long and dark night of my soul
And now I'm all alone
There is a deep dark hole now where my love once used to be
She set me free
This is the long and dark night of my soul
Yes, now I'm all alone

So I've erased myself, replaced my mind, it's a clean slate
All I've felt and everyone I've ever known is gone
I feel a need to leave, just run straight into nowhere
There's nothing left in this town but self loathing
You think you know, think you can see who I am?
Don't colour my sleeves with your narrow mind
I'm more than my hair or the clothes that I wear
I feel the need for a new way of thinking
So I surrender myself to me

When did they come...

Lost in the approaching night
Traces of summer, still warm and breezy
As the sun sets over the forest

The woods are dark, cold and damp
I'm alone in here, and though I can't feel the presence of man
I feel something staring

I don't think the animals will harm me
But I know they know I'm here
To them I am the predator
It's man they've learned to fear

Suddenly a gun shot, then another
Someone is aiming at me
I throw myself behind a big old pine
My heart is beating like crazy
I can sense The Hunter, he's behind me
I'm a deer in his eyes
I start to run and hear him fire once more
Maybe I'm too far away...


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