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Lyrics of Defeated

I was listening to my radio
When something went wrong
The voice of the announcer
Suddenly came on
He said, We interrupt this program
With late breaking news
Last night they arrested
The King of the Jews
He said, We take you now
To Pilate's house
Where Christ is on trial
It sounded like the announcer
Was wearing a smile
As he described the accusations
In the judgment hall
And how Jesus just stood there
Didn't say nothing at all
Get ready everybody
The judgments coming down
I held my breath
I closed my eyes
I didn't make a sound

Jesus defeated,
Was all that he said
Guilty, convicted,
And sentenced to death
Soon it will be finished
On a cross made of wood
Looks like it's over for good
Jesus defeated

His next few words,
I could hardly believe
He said, We're standing here
At Calvary's tree
The sky has turned black
Blood covers the land
From the spear in His side
And the nails in His hands
Now some called Him a Savior
Said He lived without sin
Some said it did not
Do much for him
Some called him Messiah
God's only son
Others shook their heads
And said, The good die young

Jesus defeated,
Was all that he said
Guilty, convicted, and now he is dead
Yes, it is finished,
On a cross made of wood
Looks like it's over for good
Jesus defeated

Yeah, Jesus is defeated
When you look at the grave
Until you see that
The stone's been rolled away
Jesus is defeated
When you look at all the pain
He had to feel
And then you read Isaiah 53and
it says that's the way we were healed
And Jesus was defeated when you
look at everything He went thru
And then you realize He went
thru it for me and you,
Things in the media they're not
always what they seem,
Jesus is alive, do you know what that means?
end spoken)

It means, Jesus defeated
the power of death,
Oh yes it happened
just like He said,
He bore our sins on
a cross made of wood
He triumphed over evil for good
And the one who built
his kingdom on bondage and fear,
The one who killed the prophets,
left their families in tears,
The father of lies, the author of sin,
Everybody this just in, it was him ....


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