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And Never Know by Beardfish comes under the genre Classic Rock,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 26 Jan 2010 under the label of INSIDE OUT. Copyright holded by 2007 InsideOut Music.

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Lyrics of And Never Know

Laugh, cry, smile, lie
It´s like a tiebreak, in a sense we´re fools
Sit, jump, walk, talk
Around the room they all have thoughts
You, I, them, us
Cross the line, be quiet or die
Eat, sleep, smoke, drink
More, more, give me more (there must be something more...)

I cant even remember what you said just now,
words so far away...
You always now exactly what to do,
so what? What can we do?

It´s not a choice anymore,
They´ve fed your hate since birth
Go out and see the world through given eyes
And never know...

Love, hate, action, fate
All strong words and not just hate
Stand, fall, scream & shout
Baby blue eyes, believe your voice equal theirs
Build up then tear apart
It´s been done before, history can tell
Sing, glow, waltz away
This dance is ours, let us leave together


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