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Wings Of Dawn by Seventh Avenue comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Hard Rock & Metal,Hard Rock , Hard Rock & Metal,Thrash & Speed Metal , Rock,General. It was released on 08 Oct 2010 under the label of Massacre Records. Copyright holded by (c) 2010 Massacre Records.

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Lyrics of Wings Of Dawn

Lord you've really got my number
You know the deepest corner in my heart
You see me, whatever i may do
I can't hide my intentions
How much i'd ever try to keep them
Every step i go, every word
That will leave my tongue
God, you always see trough me

If i'd take wings of dawn
And fly to the outermost edge of the sea
Your love would cover me
If i'd take wings of dawn
To fly where your eyes will never see
But your hands won't let me be

Where can i go to get away from you?
To where could i run away lest you find me?
If i'd go up to heaven or hide beteween the dead
You are always there, where ever i hide

Would i say
Around me shall be night
And darkness covers me
It surely won't help me
To hide away from you
Cause gloom is not dark with you
And the night is like sunlight


Now i know by my self
All your deeds are miracles
Far beyond my understanding
You see through me since my birth
Know my deeds from afar
I cannot get away from you
I never were concealed from you
How mysterious are your thoughts to me




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