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Until I Die by September comes under the genre Dance & DJ,General. It was released on 26 Feb 2008 under the label of Robbins Entertainment LLC. Copyright holded by 2008 Robbins Entertainment LLC.

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Lyrics of Until I Die

Until the day I die (2x)

So every single day
Begins and ends the same
I see the same persons
Getting aboard a crowded train

Out of the pouring rain
Just face another pain
why are you so afraid
of the other side?
It's just a big parade
It's people in display
If one should stumble,
imagine what the rest would say

They're making harmless sounds
Their heads go round and round
Why don't you stay away from the other side

Now you
Have to believe in me
I live
Until the day I die
Until the day I die

You see me in the crowd
Laughing a bit too loud
You'll see me crying
cause I'm too crazy to be proud
Today I celebrate
Tomorrow is too late
I'll be crossing the borderline
But all the years of crying
who knows did buy our time

There's a problem
I hope I never walk the line
So call me immature
At least I know for sure
I'll be crossing over the borderline

Have to believe

I hear everybody say
That today is the day
and sooner or later my luck is gonna change
but today it's now or never
If you're living by a fear
stand up and show you're alive

untill I die


Have to believe
Until the day I die


'Until I Die' is a pop song performed by Swedish singer September. The song was written by Anoo Bhagavan, Jonas von der Burg and Niklas von der Burg for September's third album 'Dancing Shoes' (2007). It was released as the album's second single on November 7, 2007 in Sweden.

Hard2Beat Records announced that Until I Die was due to be released on July 27 2009, as the third single from her debut UK album, Cry For You - The Album. However, it has been announced that the song's release has been cancelled due to lack of radio play. Rumours circulating the internet suggest that the song failing to make BBC Radio 1's playlist resulted in Hard2Beat scrapping the release.

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