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Unbroken by Symphorce comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 14 Jan 2003 under the label of Metal Blade Records. Copyright holded by (C) 2003 Metal Blade Records, Inc..

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Lyrics of Unbroken

You're willing to lose, i'm willing to bet,
I'm willing to try and die for respect
Now i hear your lonely cries
Everything is safer now
Underneath all these lies
To find a way how

I go out to think, a little sad
But soon enough i won't feel bad

Try all you want to
Reached a point of no return
You're going to try too
Looking back, my bridges burn

I wake to your memory,
A silent knowing grows within me,
Swallowed up in empty space
To the side of my face

Close my ears, feel my bleeding heart
Whats going on, we were like one

You should beware
It's under the light
I know if you're scared
See the dark in my eyes

So impressed with all you do
Tried so hard to be like you
Flew so high and burnt the wing
Not lost my faith in everyhing

Al that is left of me... is unbroken
So don't disturb me now 'cause i'm unbroken
Ican see the why, the when and how


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