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There Could Be More by American Steel comes under the genre Alternative Rock,General , Alternative Rock,New Wave & Post-Punk , Rock,General. It was released on 01 Jan 1999 under the label of Lookout! Records. Copyright holded by (c) 1999 Americal Steel.

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Lyrics of There Could Be More

Yeah there could be more but then think of the loss
And the tears wrenched from you and ask yourself would you want it
Already there's too much
And everyday we're overwhelmed by the world
By that which we have surrounded ourselves with
By the enormity of the feelings
We have for each other

Sometimes these words escape me
Drunk and overwhelmed with feeling

Remember that quiet night when after walking for hours
We came home and we talked till the day began anew outside
We didn't see the sun or notice the change
But our words kept flowing
And our bodies collided again and again
It's a simple joy to have you
And to be surrounded by people
I love today

And if you had told the desperate little boy that I was
That I would be this lucky
I would have laughed in your face
But don't look content
Or laugh as if we've made it
'Cause you know it's all just gonna get fucked up again
Still we have this moment
And we might as well enjoy
What little time we have
I know sometimes my words ring hollow
But I swear I'll still mean every word tomorrow

Sometimes these words escape me
Drunk and resting in your arms for now


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