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Lyrics of The Walk

I called you after midnight
Then ran until I burst
I passed the howling woman
And stood outside your door

We walked around a lake
And woke up in the rain
And everyone turned over
Troubled in their dreams again

Visiting time is over
And so we walk away
And both play dead then cry out loud
Why we always cry this way?

I kissed you in the water
And made your dry lips sing
I saw you look
Like a Japanese baby
In an instant I remembered everything
Everything... (3x)

I called you after midnight
Then ran until my heart burst
I passed the howling woman
And stood outside your door


Take me for a walk (2x)
Let's go on a walk
Take me for a walk


'The Walk' is the name of a 1983 single by The Cure. It later appeared on their album 'Japanese Whispers'.

Known to be the only Cure song that Robert Smith's mother liked up to that point, 'The Walk' was something of a commercial breakthrough for the group with regard to their singles output, peaking at #12 to give them their first entry into the UK top 20. It was also the first of their 17 consecutive Irish top 20 hits between 1983 and 1992.

One of the three B-sides is 'Lament', which is a re-recording of a promo-single released in late 1982 for the Flexipop magazine. Unlike the earlier version, which was garbled and experimental, the lyrics are understandable and the music has better flow.

Remixes of the song also appear on The Cure's remix album 'Mixed Up' and the remixed compilation album 'Future Retro'.

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