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Lyrics of Scatterbrain

Scatterbrains are just the same as regular people
Except for some impairments they display
Like seldom remembering your name
Even if they are in your family

When the phone rings at home, sometimes they open the
Refrigerator door and say hello
They load washing machines with clean clothes
That they just unloaded from the dryer

It may seem sad, you may think that they have gone mad
But it's just the peculiar ways of the scatterbrain

They put stuff like coffee cups and purses and grocery bags
On the top of the car and drive away
And notice this some moments later
When they brake or take a corner

And they spend time trying to find
The glasses they're wearing
Or the keys that they are holding in their hand
And when they find them they call themselves bad names like
You stupid moron or you idiot or you loser

It may seem sad, like a tragic and cruel handicap
But it's just the peculiar ways of the scatterbrain

There's one now in the kitchen, he's sweeping the floor
But he needs a new broom so he runs to the store
But in the car, on the way, he hears a new song he likes
So he stops to buy the record but he runs into Mike
And they talk over coffee until Mike has to go
And our man can't remember just why he left home

So if you see one of these
Directionless people
Maybe you can offer them a hand
Instead of just pointing and laughing
But if you do, well, who could blame you?

It may seem sad, but actually it's not that bad
It's just the peculiar ways
The truly inscrutable daze
The thick intellectual haze
The look in the eyes kind of glazed
The life like a mouse in a maze
Of the scatterbrain


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