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Satellites by September is part of the album "In Orbit" .

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Lyrics of Satellites

Even an angel can end up falling
Don't you cry, because you're crawling
Start again, it's a beautiful morning
For satellites

Well, they said it was time for changing
Rise and shine
Everybody's making it, but you
And they told you to trust your dreaming
But it's hard to believe a feeling
That you just don't know

refrain (2x)

You can try and walk on water
In the end everybody
Walks all over you
No, you don't like the sight of mirrors
'Cause you're scared that the face
Will see, will look just like before

refrain (2x)

All I want is you
Let me take you back
Where you once belonged
All I want is you
It will be alright if you come along
You were never gone

refrain (3x)


'Satellites' is the first single from September's second album 'In Orbit', and was the first single to be released under her contract with Catchy Tunes. The single was a success in Sweden and Finland, was later released in select countries worldwide, such as Poland, Romania, Spain, Israel and the United States. 'Satellites' is considered to be September's second biggest hit to date (after 'Cry for You'), becoming a hit in almost all countries it was released. A music video was released on VIVA. SIC (Portuguese channel) has been promoting the song in the new WAP feature, SIC MÚSICA (SIC MUSIC)

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