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Purgatory by Iron Maiden comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 23 Sep 2008 under the label of Metal-Is Records. Copyright holded by (P) 1998 Iron Maiden Holdings Ltd. Under Exclusive License To Sanctuary Copyrights Ltd..

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Lyrics of Purgatory

Thinking of an age old dream,
Places I have never seen.
Fantasies lived times before,
I split my brain, melt through the floor.

Over clouds my mind will fly,
Forever now I can't think why,
My body tries to leave my soul,
Is it me? I just don't know.

Memories rising from the past,
The future shadows overcast.
Something's clutching at my head,
Through the darkness I'll be led.

Oh another time, another place,
Oh well another smile on another face.
When you see me floating up beside you,
You get the feeling that all my love's inside of you.

Please take me away,
Take me away,
So far away.


'Purgatory' is Iron Maiden's fifth single and only single from the 'Killers' album ('Twilight Zone' was not on the original European release of the album). This song is a remake of a very early Iron Maiden song originally called 'Floating' which they used to play live during 1976 to 1977. According to current drummer Nicko McBrain, 'Purgatory' is a faster re-arrangement of the original. This was the band's last single with Paul Di'Anno.

'Purgatory' was one of the band's least successful singles and failed to break into the Top 50 in the UK charts. This may relate to the fact that this was their only single released with both a- and b-side already available on album in the same form. An interesting fact about this single is that the original cover art was withdrawn. The band had felt that it was of too high a caliber for just a single and requested a less complex cover be prepared in its place. The withdrawn cover later resurfaced as 'The Number of the Beast' album. Ironically, the cover of this single has probably become more well known than any other Maiden cover as it is very often featured on merchandise despite the relative obscurity of the single.

Purgatory is the first of three Maiden single-covers to feature Riggs' depiction of the devil. On the cover of the 'Run to the Hills' single he does battle with Eddie and on the single cover of 'The Number of the Beast' his decapitated head is displayed by Eddie.

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