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Primary by The Cure is part of the album "Faith (The Cure album)" and comes under the genre Alternative Rock,General , Alternative Rock,Goth & Industrial , Alternative Rock,Hardcore & Punk , Alternative Rock,New Wave & Post-Punk , Classic Rock,General , Classic Rock,Psychedelic Rock , . It was released on 31 Aug 1981 under the label of Rhino/Elektra. Copyright holded by 1981 Elektra Entertainment.

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Lyrics of Primary

The innocence of sleeping children
Dressed in white
And slowly dreaming
Stops all time
Slow my steps and start to blur
So many years have filled my heart
I never thought I'd say those words

The further we go
And older we grow
The more we know ...
The less we show ...

The very first time I saw your face
I thought of a song
And quickly changed the tune
The very first time I touched your skin
I thought of a story
And rushed to reach the end
Too soon

Oh remember
Don't change

So the fall came
Thirteen years
A shiny ring
And how I could forget your name
The air no longer in my throat
Another perfect lie is choked
But it always feels the same

So they close together
Dressed in red and yellow
Innocent forever
Sleeping children in their blue soft rooms
Still dream

The further we go
And older we grow
The more we know ...


'Primary' is the first single from The Cure's third studio album 'Faith', released in 1981 on Fiction Records. It was the first song by The Cure to be remixed as a separate extended mix for release on 12' single (and not co-released on other formats, in the way the 12' version of 'A Forest' was also the album version appearing on 'Seventeen Seconds', for example). In fact, the original 12' extended mix is, to this day, still only available on the original 12' single, which has never been reproduced on any other album, making it quite a rare item. The main difference between the 7' mix (also the album mix), and 12' mix is that the extended mix lengthens the instrumental introductions to the song's verses.

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