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Pray by Take That is part of the album "Everything Changes (album)" and comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 11 Sep 2007 under the label of RCA Records Label. Copyright holded by (P) 1996 BMG Records (UK) Ltd.

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Lyrics of Pray

When the time gets near for me to show my love
The longer I stayed away for hiding from a word
I need to hear now don't think I'll hear it again
But the nights were always warm with you
holding you right by my side,
But the morning always comes too soon
Before I even close my eyes

All I do each night is pray
Hoping that I'll be a part of you again someday
All I do each night is think of all the times
I close the door to keep my love within

If you can't forgive the past I'll understand that
Can't understand why I did this to you
And all of the days and the nights ok I'll regret it
I never showed you my love
But the nights were always warm with you
Holding you right by my side
But the morning always cmes too soon
Before I even close my eyes


Surey we must be in sight of the dream we long to live
If you stop and close your eyes you'll picture me inside
I'm so cold and all alone, straight on back to me



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