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Lyrics of Planning Obsolescence

We've been planning our obselescence...
Would you dance on our defeat if you plan our death on a week?
We've been planning. With every word we're confessing.
Will you meet me in the streets when these songs are obsolete?
By the time you read this we'll be gone.
Someone keep my blood pumping longer than this van is running.
Someone keep my legs kicking longer than this disc is spinning.
You'll learn to love this cinch more than your legs.
If your curiosity ain't quenched after this tour.
You'll be searching the whole damn world for a new chase.
I hope that sweet heart is pumping longer than this van is running
I hope our legs will be kicking longer than this disc is spinning
I hope those things will be breathing longer than us fools are screaming.
I hope those lips will keep singing louder than the noise we're bringing.
I'll meet you there, I'll meet you half way there.
In our ole adult matured despair.
In our delusions, dreams and fears.
We are buried in our years.


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