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Open Your Mind by Seventh Avenue comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Hard Rock & Metal,Hard Rock , Hard Rock & Metal,Thrash & Speed Metal , Rock,General. It was released on 08 Oct 2010 under the label of Massacre Records. Copyright holded by (c) 2010 Massacre Records.

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Lyrics of Open Your Mind

From the beginning of this world
It is a never ending dream
The idea for so many sayings
And for so many stories
It is just born with every man in every race
It lives with mankind
The beast of immortality lives in every mortal head
Fed by the fear of dying, fear of death and pain

Open your mind, see the truth of infinity
No human hand is able to create a rainbow
Open your mind, see the truth of unication
A soul will never multiply
All mortal will fade, you must decide

Lord of all creation, save from desperation
Lead us into the promise land
Lord of all creation, save from desperation
Then our mind will recognize the truth

In this world where almost all is possible
Lie frozen soulless bodies, waiting for deliverance
Waiting for a better time, in a better world
Where science is victorious
And sickness rules no more
But no one is asking for the souls
The unication of each man
With life they leave their bodies
And go where they belong

No one can extend life just one day
No one can thaw a soul

The human race confused looks
For never ending life
Spends so much time
With the search for a longer being
But no one knows
When sands of time is finally ran through
And no one really knows
Why the heart stops to beat



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