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Lyrics of One love

And I wonder where you are
where is my star
Where is the girl that I've been looking for
Is she alive or will I search no more
And I wonder where you live
Who will give me the love
One love, from beneath, from above, one love

My lady my baby you
You are lovely
The most beautiful, wonderful part of me
Bring me joy when I'm down
You're all around, take care of me
here with me, share with me
all the things you know I need
All the things I need to precede
And you are the only one to cary my seed
And I trust you like my best friend,
All the doubt disappear when you're gone to the real end
And I take your hand
And I understand
That me without you is like a boat on land
A ring without a hand
A beach with out this
And wife without a man
But your eyes turn blurry
You kiss me on the lips and tell me not to worry
And then you look me in the eyes and say
I love you I know that I will meet you one day
And then you picture fades away and I'm alone
I can't believe it, I can't move
my flesh turns to stone
I feel the emptiness all over me
It was just secunds ago
when you was holding me
If I could I would cry
because I don't know why
I should try, cause I don't even know if you are alive
but still I believe and say may be someday I'll find me lady


This is for the lady I love
The most beautiful girl
Thinking of her makes me love this world
This universe
This love is true, cause baby I feel alive when I think of you
Its not the way you move, its not your lovely smile
Its everything you do, thats make me melt like ice
Its not your beautiful life, it's everything you are
That keeps me awake in the nights, oh baby your my star
You can break my heart, and you can make me cry
We can begin from the start, and it makes me smile
It makes me feel so fine, yeah I feel so good
Cause you're the light in my life, and I'm so in love with you
You're always on my mind and you're my sunshine when it rains
When I'm alone you're my friend, next time I close me eyes we'll meet again
And we'll spend days, years this life is together
Cause retard (?) I love you now and forever
But you're the air that I breath, you're the love that I feel
You're the strength in my knees so I can stand on my feet
You make my life complete, baby you rule my world
One you, one me, two hearts, one love
And love is such a wonderful feeling, but damn my soul is screaming
God damn my heart is bleeding, cause you only exist when I'm dreaming

refrain (2x)


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