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One Life Ends by Seventh Avenue comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Hard Rock & Metal,Hard Rock , Hard Rock & Metal,Thrash & Speed Metal , Rock,General. It was released on 08 Oct 2010 under the label of Massacre Records. Copyright holded by (c) 2010 Massacre Records.

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Lyrics of One Life Ends

[M: Herbie Langhans; L: Mike Pfluger]

My head is like a left town that lies in ruins
Once full of life, ideas and anwers
A river of perception
Where the waters of truth flow
Where all was evident clear without a question
Nothing without answer, nothing unexplainable
I didn't found the stone of the wise, I created it

All the ideas
All the tesis, all that I ever learned
The fantastic structure of thought in my brain
Wiped away out of
My head thrown into the sea of vanities

Death and pain, misfortune and fear
Shadows of the past, a sea of despair
The more of it I searched for the less of it I found
I was tired like an old man
Afraid of everything new
The mirror just showed me
The same old intimate friend
But there was nothing intimate left


Where ever a life ends, a new one is born
The circle of reality becomes a shadow of a dream
That begins where reality ends
But the edge is still blurred
Can a blind man see the blue sky
Or can a deaf man hear the children's laugh

A quest for life
Searching the reason
Someone to tell me
Do I really life or is it just a dream?
A little instant, just a wince
And all known, all what was so real
Just turned into dust
Took away from him, who was, who is and will be
Forget the past, it is no longer
It needn't to be anymore
There is no darkness, no chill frightens you
All is new but nothing strange



I now Know that you perform all that you planned
There is nothing impossible to you
Who you hold the world in your hands


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