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Lyrics of O Mosquito

O mosquito me beijou
o verme me comeu
a terra me sugou
a larva cresceu

The mosquito kissed me
I ate the worm
the land drained me
the larvae grew

o mosquito me beijou
a borboleta me lambeu
o urubu me bicou
o lixo era eu

Mosquito kissed me
I licked the butterfly
the vulture pecked me
I was rubbish

o mosquito me beijou
o brejo era eu
a sanguessuga me chupou
o rato me roeu

Mosquito kissed me
I was the swamp
the leech sucked me
The mouse gnawed me

o mosquito me beijou
depois morreu

Mosquito kissed me
then died

(Arnaldo Antunes/Edgard Sandurra)

(Arnaldo Antunes / Edgard Sandurra)


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