Lyrics of N.O.T.


N.O.T. by Seven Nations is part of the album "The Factory" .

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Lyrics of N.O.T.

The deaf old Duke he came to town
Asking all the men around
Is there any here who'd fight for me?
The Czar in Russia wants the Dardonelles
C'mon boys, let's give 'em hell
In defense of Queen and our country
Not a sound was heard in the hall
Not a hand was raised
Just one old man he got up to his feet
And as the Duke turned away, he said:

I want my people back
I want them here with me
I want my people back here with me

Captain Otter went to Skye
Flags and banners flying high
With all the usual pageantry
He offered words and promises
To any man who would be led
To fight the Czar and tyranny
Just one sound was all that was heard
Across the loneliest bay
And as he made his way back again
He thought he heard the island say
She said


Six young men from the 93rd
At Balaclava bravely heard
Colin Campbell's plea to stand their ground
They made their way back home again
Far away from the battle din
To find their families weren't around
A tartan shroud was all that remained
Across their ruined houses lay
And as they came on back down from the hills
The wind behind them wailed away
And it said



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