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Lyrics of Moving Units

This noise won't get far. If it reverberates off the wall.
And a decibel escapes the hall, it won't be heard at all.
Don't move, stay where you are, this world will tear you apart.
Moving Units means more than the art. Sound scans weigh more than your heart.
Take what you've learned and go, just know of a tank of gas won't distance you from the reality of things.

I can't save you and you can't save me from this.
If you ain't moving units as fast as the rest of them.
This noise won't get far it won't escape this hall.
These are ugly songs, Ugly kids will only sing along.
Do I sound sincere on a compact disc?
As if sincerity had anything to do with it.
When you sell your soul, you take your check to the bank.
If you're aiming at the right audience, you will sell your soul.
And take the check to the bank.
If you stop aiming, then I can save you and you can save me from this.
We are the moving units. Moving units, moving you.


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