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Lyrics of More & Faster

All you nations
Come and listen
The truth is a mess and the politics are pissing
We need a revolution to rip the system
Thousands are starving and the rest are missing

All you people
This is trash
We abominate music we're here for cash
Barmy army for everyone
Black man white man yellow man
We need a revolution to rip the system
Millions are homeless and the rest are missing

More & Faster
Here we come
White and trashy and incredibly dumb
Enjoy yourselves
Crash Boom Bang!
The final solution

More & Faster
More & Faster
More & Faster
More & Faster


'More & Faster' is a KMFDM single released in 1989. The songs on this release also appeared on some European versions of 'UAIOE', and alternate versions of 'More & Faster' and 'Rip the System' both appeared on 'UAIOE'. 'More & Faster' later appeared on 'Virus', and 'Rip the System' and 'Naff Off' later appeared on the rarities collection 'Agogo'. In 2008, KMFDM Records re-released this as a 7' vinyl single, limited to 250 copies.

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