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Magic Beans by Peter Mayer comes under the genre Folk,Contemporary Folk , Folk,General. It was released on 12 Oct 1999 under the label of Blue Boat Records. Copyright holded by (C) 1999 Blue Boat Records.

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Lyrics of Magic Beans

That's not how the story goes
When do heroes play it safe?
You've got a job and a family-o
But not a single golden egg
And a pocket full of possibilities
Hey ho Jack, when
Will you plant them
Magic beans?

Jack, Oh Jack, what scared you so?
Made you hide those beans and run
Did you hear the rumors-o
Of the fee, fi, fo, and fum?
Were you frightened of the things you
Just might see
Hey ho Jack-o
If you plant those
Magic beans?

Jack, it's not too late you know
To sow those seeds of fate
So throw them out your wind-o
Go to sleep, and when you wake
Things will happen
Things you never dared to dream
But they won't happen
Unless you plant them
Magic beans


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