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Light by Skylark is part of the album "Dragon's secrets" .

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Lyrics of Light

A prophecy was made that someday the time will come in which darkness
will take hold of the world.
But it is also written that one man will stand out and proudly fight
against evil, violence and hatred and bring back the light..

Walking in the dark above our head
young people are passing through the wall
listening to the call of the wild land
they live and fight to take the light back home

They have to run away in a travel to the space
they have to start a game this could be the final race
But the time I know will come
if you put your heart in trouble
time in which the sky'll meet the world
time right will come
there's a light laid down beside you
fight on thunder of love

Staring at red eyes of the guardian
they can see the whicked arise
they would forget but they have to save their love
raise your hands before the last hopes fall

They have to save our life taking back our guiding light
they're trying to change the sign and the evil will be blind

But the time I know will come
if you put your heart in trouble
time in which the sky'll meet the world
time right will come
there's a light laid down beside you
fight on thunder of love

The fire is breaking the wall of silence
and I don't know what to do
because the time has come
and all that you have to do is fighting
don't be afraid... believe in yourself... try!


There's a light in the sky,
that signs the dotted line
we have the right to fight so hard to find it
all that now we need is a miracle for our life
fighting to win another time

Fight until the end because I need it
We need it
Show us what you think because I need it
You need it
Take us to the right side (cause) we could never find the strength to find this light to erase the tears and to discover the secrets of mankind
Believe in what you're seeing changing
Destiny of our future in your hands you've got the secrets of our life

But we'll never forget!
and time will not come!
But we'll never return!
maybe time has yet come!

Only you can change it!
Only you can guide me...
I'm flying away
Don't let me down!
Only you can help me
Only you can save me...
save me tonight
Don't let me down!
You're the light of mine
Bat I can't remember your face

There's a star high in the sky
That signs the sense of trurh
There's a flag that brings our time
To guide me above you.
I'm a dreamer...

Fly, against the Guardian of the Light, my brain will stop the sound of time,
I'm ready for the fight till the end of time

Fight the Guardian of the Light
to stop the sound of time
we cannot die till the end of time

Fight alone, ride to the Heaven
The gates are widely open
Deep sky is waiting
Falling down, my soul is floating
Lord take my soul tonight
With my evil thoughts inside

Walking in the land of the pray
you can understand the good way
shooting the top of the mountain
killing the wrong side of game

But I'll see the light to run away..
To run away
but I will capture the light of day..
The light of day

Sliding on your terrible eyes
blowing the energy of her love
you can't forget who am I
so take me before I fall!

Now I can face the Guardian of the Light
'cause one of two I kwon he has to die.
to die! to die! to die!

Come to me..

Now I've got the light for the world!

The battle is over, light is regained. We all confide that our White Warrior will protect the light and keep it shining forever...


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