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Lyrics of Hola Don Pepito

Hola Don Pepito

Hola Don Pepito

Eran dos tipos requetefinos
Eran dos tipos medios chiflaos
Eran dos tipos casi divinos
Eran dos tipos desvarataos
Si se encontraban en un en una esquina
O se encontraban en el cafe
Siempre se oía con voz muy fina
El saludito de Don José

There were two types requetefinos
There were two types chiflaos media
There were two types almost divine
There were two types desvarataos
If you were in a in a corner
Or they were in the cafe
Always very thin voice heard
The Don José Saluditos

- Hola Don Pepito
- Hola Don Jose
- Pasó Ud ya por casa
- Por su casa yo pasé
- Vió Ud a mi abuela
- A su abuela yo a ví
- Adios Don Pepito
- Adios Don Jose..

- Hola Don Pepito
- Hola Don Jose
- You already passed by house
- At home I spent
- Saw you my grandmother
- A grandmother saw me at
- Adios Don Pepito
- Adios Don Jose ..


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