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Goodbye by Seventh Avenue comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 23 Jan 2009 under the label of Ulterium Records. Copyright holded by (c) 2008 Ulterium Records.

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Lyrics of Goodbye

Now it's time to make a break, and if we don't, we make a mistake.
We walk for time on one line, to say goodbye – I have seen the sign.
We have to say goodbye, and if we say it – it's no lie.
So if we could see us again, may the same flame burn within.
Goodbye my friend
But that's no separation for ever.
Goodbye my friend,
Please don't look back – goodbye.
God bless you on all your ways - that's my prayer for you.
Goodbye my friend, I will be here for you – goodbye.
Every day goes by – Farewell my friend.
Time to say goodbye – Farewell my friend – goodbye!
I pray that the day will come, where we will belong to him.
I wish you true friends on your way and more wisdom, day by day.
My wishes are for you, and every day a piece of truth too.
I'll never forget you. I promise memories of you – for me a secret bliss.
If the night envelops you – don't forget me.
If the thunder smashes you – don't forget me.
I am here, and if you get fear – don't forget me.
If you need me, come to me, ´cause I'll wait for you forever:
I am here and if you get fear – don't forget me.
If you need me, or it's necessary I'll wait for you forever.


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