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Flowers on the Grave by September is part of the album "In Orbit" and comes under the genre Dance & DJ,General. It was released on 26 Feb 2008 under the label of Robbins Entertainment LLC. Copyright holded by 2008 Robbins Entertainment LLC.

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Lyrics of Flowers on the Grave

Remember what I told you
Your face won't let you hide the pain
You let me get to know you
And now it's driving me insane

Baby, we were never soldiers
You and me couldn't never fight
for things we don't believe

And we will never, never ever be the same
Since we buried love we swore
would never end
So now I'm laying down
the flowers on the grave
And we will never, never ever be the same

Just hold me till tomorrow
You don't have to say a thing
I know about the sorrow
That the morning light will bring

Baby, we were getting colder
You and me couldn't never lie
'cause feelings don't deceive



'Flowers on the Grave' was the third single to be released from September's second album, 'In Orbit'. This single failed to chart on any of the European charts including her home country of Sweden, as it was released as a promotional single especially for the countries outside of Scandinavia where Satellites would become the first official single to be released in these countries to chart. The single differs from all of her other singles up to this point by being of slower tempo.

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