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Far From Showbiz by Beyond Dawn is part of the album "Frysh" .

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Lyrics of Far From Showbiz

I am someone a few seconds now and then between the real
No I don't really want to know when
One hundred ringing bells are flirting so intensely with my hands
And now dizziness
I feel like someone else so uncertain
I'm going up to front expensive microphones
I don't promise to speak an honest word
When it's absurd I'm even so fry
I take no measure whatsoever out of the applause
In the room what can I do but move around the floor
It's just a silly joke
Pleasure keeps on burnin' up my nose
If I only were a little more disturbed
I would have done it

Am I that far from shobiz
I feel I press my head against the ceiling
I set my aim for the sky
I can't be short of soul or lack the meaning

Am I that far from shobiz
I have not even tried expressing feelings
With the light in my eyes
Fucked from behind
I touch freedom...


'Far from Showbiz' is a single by Norwegian band Beyond Dawn released under Peaceville in 2003 to promote the album, 'Frysh', from which the tracks originate. Despite containing the band's usual indie ethos and lyrical subtleties, the single marks a striking change in Beyond Dawn's sound from that of mournful doom in favor of a mellow electropop sound. A music video was created for 'Among the Sedatives' and can be found on the enhanced portion of Frysh.

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