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Lyrics of Everybody listen

Ok, you tell me this and
Alright you tell me that and
You say I've gone bumped my head again
But it's a mistake
I wanna think something by myself
Wanna be, wanna be somebody else
And your shoe, it doesn't fit
And life's too short to wear it yeah
I'm not gonna be what you want me to be
Not gonna wear what you tell me to wear
Call me crazy, I don't mind
Have it your own way

Everybody listen
Can't you see the fiction
When it's right in front of you
Everybody stand up now
We're not giving up
Not backing down

Hey, you, time is tickin'
You're scared they will listen
So you've tried to keep us down
Yeah, we've got to something to say
We're not sell outs, won't apologize
We won't buy, won't sell your pretty lies
And you can't stop us now
We're gonna star this revolution
We're not gonna be what you want us to be
Not gonna wear what you tell us to wear
Call was crazy, we don't mind
Have it your own way


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