Lyrics of Dr. Channard


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Lyrics of Dr. Channard

Let's have a look inside your brain
I'm doing my research based on subtraction
How does it feel when the doctor is in
Inside your head and the lights are getting dim

Open your mind, he's my beloved doctor
Open your mind, based on subtraction
Cutting synapses that won't do you harm
Please welcome your host: Dr. Channard

Found myself back in the strangest location
Tied up in chains I feel quite amused
Here comes the doctor, he knows how to treat me
Hear my brain talking, it says: "Please delete me!"

Give me the drill, my skull is breaking
Give me the drill, he almost gets through
Finally reaching the point of remembrance
Childhood dreams, mother and sisters are fading away

You are always going further
You don't care what might have been
Can you hear my SOS
Can you hear me scream


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