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Death has come by Symphorce is part of the album "Become Death" and comes under the genre Hard Rock & Metal,General , Pop,General , Rock,General , Rock,Progressive. It was released on 20 Mar 2007 under the label of Metal Blade Records. Copyright holded by (C) 2007 Metal Blade Records, Inc..

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Lyrics of Death has come

What do we see and who's to blame
I'm ripped, I burst at the seams
There's nothin' new where do they come from
Bringin' me down to my knees

You turn my fears into your needs

Visions of hate just keep me alive
So many words lost in time
Right on the edge between death & life
How we feel inside

Screams arise from ancient halls

Where no one dares to stand beside
When death has come into your dreams
Where memories are ripping you from my mind
What was said to come stirring you dream

You hear the screaming, it's all the same
Before the thread disappears
I wonder how you can pretend yourself
Blood soaks and hides your tears
Gathered all your answers & learn to let go
Not easy to drown in this life
Sheds that skin from my face
I'm the destroyer of life


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