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Boat Drinks by Jimmy Buffett comes under the genre Pop,General. It was released on 11 Nov 1985 under the label of Geffen. Copyright holded by (C) 1985 Geffen Records.

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Lyrics of Boat Drinks

Boat drinks. Boys in the band ordered boat drinks.
Visitors just scored on the home rink.
Everything seems to be wrong.

Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap airfare.
I've got to fly to Saint Somewhere.
I'm close to bodily harm.

Twenty degress and the hockey games on.
Nobody cares; they are way too far gone,
screamin' "Boat drinks," somethin'
to keep them all warm.
This morning I shot six holes in my freezer.
I think I got cabin fever.
Somebody sound the alarm.
I'd like to go where the pace or life's slow.
Could you beam me somewhere, Mister Scott?
Any old place here on Earth or in space.
You pick the century and I'll pick the spot.

I know I should be leaving this climate.
I got a verse but can't rhyme it.
I gotta go where it's warm.

Boat drinks.
Waitress, I need two more boat drinks.
Then I'm headin south 'fore my dream shrinks.
I gotta where it's warm.

I gotta go where it's warm.
I gotta go where it's warm.
I gotta go where there ain't any snow,
where there ain't any blow,
'cause my fin sinks so low.
I gotta go where it's warm.


'Boat Drinks' is a song written and performed by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. It was released as a B-side (b/w 'Survive') on MCA in 1979. Despite not being a single, it is one of his most popular songs, being that it's frequently played in concert and occasionally on the radio. It appears on his most successful album (and compilation album), Songs You Know By Heart, but it's the only song off that album that doesn't appear on Meet Me in Margaritaville, his second most successful compilation album.

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