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Big City Sharks by Seventh Avenue comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 23 Jan 2009 under the label of Ulterium Records. Copyright holded by (c) 2008 Ulterium Records.

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Lyrics of Big City Sharks

They are everywhere and always there
At anytime and anywhere
They don´t foul up - Never!
They know everything about everyone
They know everything about you

Everyone knows and fears them
They are the untouchables
Don´t ever cross with them
If you do you'll be the next one

Big city sharks - their shadows aren't just in the city
Big city sharks – they'll find your weakness too
Big city sharks - strait thinkers, always right
Big city sharks - to show you your faults too

So strong - everyone´s astounded
So stupid - everyone´s screaming
So smart and perfectly gifted
That they only cry when they're all alone

Hey shark - who but you loves you
Hey shark – there's one, you don't love him
Hey shark - you can't fool him
Hey shark – don't forget that you're not God!

They drive better - whatever that means
They love much better - however that goes
Someday you'll see their weakness too
‘cause one day they'll stand before God too


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