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Lyrics of Bad business

Were fucked. This is business.
We will choke without a witness.

As a man you stand six feet high evolving a million years in a downward spiral.
Cheap smiles wont hide the lie of love upon the bottom line we sign

Stop searching for heartbeats in graveyards. They don't exist down here.
Stop searching for canaries in coal mines. They don't exist around here.

Deathbeds of old faithful friends. They are victims of your industry.
You stole their reason to breathe when you stole their reason to scream.

We are the ugly. We are the tired. We are overworked and uninspired.
Don't look me in the eye; I lost faith in the sound from your criminal lies

This is business. Just business. Who gives a fuck about your opinion?

If this is punk rock were fucked.


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