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B with Me by Mis-Teeq is part of the album "Lickin' on Both Sides" .

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Lyrics of B with Me

What I want is for you to be with me
Loving you everyday would be easy
What I know is that we will never be
But that doesn't stop me from wanting the dream of reality


I saw you this morning
As I left my house on the way to work
You were wearing the same old attire
The pin striped suit and shirt
If only you knew the things we could do
As we cross round the corner at the photo booth
Don't think I can see you're lusting for me
'Cause I know you're down with OPP


Well I'm over here and you're over there
Tempting looks are all we've got to share
But you can't take a bite of the apple in sight
My body's pulsating at the thought of you there
All I want to do is hold you tight
I want to know how you feel inside
But I'm with another man day and night
And your girl sits on the next desk to mine


Don't let me show you my weakness
I'm falling deeper can't keep this
Burning desire that's deep in my soul
Now that you're feeling you just can't control
Baby see my frustration, unbearable situation
You're with her and I'm with him
So we can't let our love begin

refrain (2x)


'B with Me' is a 2002 single by Mis-Teeq. Rather than the album version, Grant Nelson's 'Bump & Flex remix' was chosen as the fourth single from the album.

The music video features the group dancing on a beach scene, moving into a shack for Alesha's rap. A Steel Drum player is shown throughout the video, highlighting the Caribbean feel of the song.

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