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Lyrics of Angel

She buries her head in her pillow again
She's looking for love
Oh, she's wondering when
And it's always, always the same
just another smile, just another face
And she's looking for You
Will You tell her

I know you feel all alone
I know you've lost all your hope
But God
He's right there where you are
I know a love that is real
A forgiveness that heals, reach out
God is where you are

She wants to go home
But doesn't know why
She's never felt love wipe the tears from her eyes
As she picks herself off the floor
And reaches for the clothes that
She wants to throw away
And she's looking for You
Will You tell her

When you can't speak
He's listening
When you can't reach
You're never too far
When you're crying
He sees your tears
When you're alone
Reach out. He is there
And He's looking for you
Just reach out

She buries her head in her pillow
She's looking for love oh, she's wondering when


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