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A-way by Beatsteaks is part of the album "Living Targets" .

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Lyrics of A-way

Hanging round your house
and staying up all night
what I lack you got it all
behind your doors right
you need time
I need you right by my side
but I stare too long and get you wrong
if I don't hide each time
I fall down
you need to come around
so fuck our low downs what I need
someday I'll write a book about it
until that day I follow you around
and I won't quit I won't go away
I won't give it up I won't stop
but I stare too long and get you wrong
if I don't drop we'll find a way
we won't get nowhere we won't get lost
cause we'll get somewhere and I don't mind
I really don't care
we'll find a way when we will get there


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