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42 Miles by Cross Canadian Ragweed is part of the album "Highway 377" and comes under the genre Country,Alt-Country & Americana , Country,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. It was released on 27 Feb 2001 under the label of Smith Music Group.

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Lyrics of 42 Miles

Cross Canadian Ragweed - 42 Miles

42 more miles
This stuff it cramps my style
Broke down on the side of the road
A thousand flies a buzzin'
Sittin', spittin', and cussin'
Sittin' on top of our load

If I ever get out of this hole
If I ever get down the road
I got 42 miles to go

5:30 in the evening
Mechanic phone's a ringin'
Is he ever gonna fix our ride
You know I ain't bitchin', but bad news is all
we're getting'
Just need a little luck on our side


That fire siren screamin'
Still I'm not believin'
That much goes on in this town
You know if I had the chance I'd do a chicken dance
After I watched it burn to the ground



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